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It’s a crisis that shames us.
We’re continuing our campaign for real change in aged care.

To see immediate action, we must:

  1. Mandate minimum staffing levels and required mix of skills and qualifications in every residential facility, over every shift
  2. Ensure transparency and accountability for Government funding
  3. Mandate training requirements (including infection control and ongoing professional development) accessible to all staff and paid by employer
  4. Government funding linked to the provision of care and the direct employment of permanent staff with decent pay and enough hours to live on.


We are not able to provide a person-centred model of care, or ensure quality of life for our residents - we don’t have time.

Aged Care Nurse

I had to help lift him onto the toilet and shower him after he soiled himself due to there being limited staff available to assist.

Daughter of Aged Care Resident

The patients are often soiled and have chronic wounds or conditions that go undressed and untreated, as there is only 1 RN for over 100 patients.


It is just so unfair that residents suffer. Staff who want to care cannot because of time restraints.
They are exhausted, burnt-out and suffering chronic stress much of the time.

Aged Care Nurse

He has a motor neurone disease and is not able to do anything for himself.
The carers are great but can’t do their job efficiently when extremely understaffed.

Wife of Aged Care Resident

what you can do

What you can do